Penn State Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

The above print is attached by two hangers (one on either side of the frame). This print is too large to hang by use of a wire. Care must be taken when haning prints as to height and horizonal level. This office is where the CEO greets his many clients. The print alone of the Total Whiteout is 96" long and about 25" high. The entire piece is 105" long and 31" high. This CEO has many Penn State customers .

The piece below is hanging in LionsPride Store in State College. It is exactly the same as the one above. By illustrating these prints, it gives the viewer another way to guage sizes. 


Wall Hangings

In this image, there are three significant prints. The one of coach Paterno is approximately 54" long (print itself) with framing that takes it out to 62" long. The one below the Paterno imgage is 40" long and framed out to about 48" with the double matting. It was created at the beginning of the third quarter from the North EndZone (dead center). The large image near the bar is a 40 x 50" long print with a wooden liner, rather than a mat. It is from the Ohio State game of 2005 with the three captains in color and the rest of the stadium in black and white. The smaller print of the Lion is 18" x 5" (print alone) framed out to about 24 x 11".

If you try to visualize this in your home, any one of the larger prints would fit over a standard couch, but the Lion image alone behind a couch would probably look too small.

Lions Pride - Paterno

Joe Paterno picture in Lion's Pride in State College.


Wall Hangings - Lions Pride

Print above the same size as in the corporate office and also helps the viewer establish visual retention for their own space. Print alone is 96" long and 105" long with the framing. Entire piece is about 31" high by 105" long


Wall Hangings - Lions Pride

Print above is another way to look at the print hanging LionsPride

Framing above a couch

This is an 84" long print mounted behind high impact plexiglass. This mounting procedure forces the print to "float" on the wall. It is supported by wood mounted onto the plexi and is an impressive final product. This one was taken at the Orange Bowl before the game and is hanging in Dr. Richard Bundy's Penn State Marching Blue Band Building. Our gracious model (a Blue Band alumnus) is standing for size perspective.

Princeton on a wall

The print above is prsented in the Princeton University Football Office. It is a similar size as the Floating Lions above and is presented with the high impact plexiglass. This is a tedious process, as the print has to be mounted behind the glass and one mistake can ruin the entire process. The plexi procedure is very expensive, but makes a beautiful presentation.

Framing above a couch

The illustration above is another guide to size relationships. A standard couch is 66" long. The print above the couch is 54" and with framing about 62" long. You can easily see that a couch length can support a print of this size. On the near side of the couch is an 8x10 framed to 12 x 14 inches. The tall print of the Lion (to the left of the couch) is approximatly 10" wide by 20" tall. The far print of the PSU formation Whiteout vs Notre Dame is 48" long (print only). The total size is 56" x 26."

Wall framings

In this illustration we have a 16' long wall. The ceiling is approximately 7.5' high. Both the prints in the foreground are 48" long. The one of Coach Joe Paterno total size is 56" long by 26" high. The print below of the Total Whiteout vs Notre Dame is also 48" long but not as high. This varies depending on what lens was used to create the likeness. At the far end of the wall at the top is the Saturday Night Lights print 20x24 on a canvas and the one below is a 24" long print of the Blue Band performing vs Michigan in 2006. Total size is 30" x 15." framed. The wall mounted TV divides the prints.