Old Main

Old Main, 1928, colorized

This popular image above is one in a newly discovered series by J. L. Minick, Penn State College,1899. Minick is the grandfather of PSU photographer Tom Mairs. An avid photographer, with a degree in electrical engineering, Minick created images that were black and white. He then mastered the art of hand coloring original photographs to produce the “color look.”  This 1928 likeness of Old Main was created from a Minick original, painstakingly restored, digitally analyzed and then reproduced with a new negative. In 1929, this building was demolished, partly because of a fire, but mostly because the building needed renovations.

Lion Song

The Nittany Lion Song

The Nittany Lion Song is a new piece, written circa 1922-24 by James Leyden, a Penn State graduate and former Glee Club member. The song was published in the 1929 LaVie Yearbook., adding the popular Lion Silhouette image, makes this a very desirable piece for any Penn Stater. It is unique and “fits” well in any home or office. In this original piece only the 1st and 2nd verses appear. In 1993, when Penn State joined the Big Ten, a third verse was added. This song is played during all home football games at Beaver Stadium, as it is part of the traditional Lion Fanfare and Downfield (click on the images to see large versions). 

Lion Song   
Mt Nittany

Mt. Nittany, 1941, colorized

This striking scene, taken from New Main during October of 1941 was an original B&W negative that Minick also “hand colored.” This was a common practice in photography at that time, since color had not been perfected. During this time, the government was using the mountain as a heliography station to send messages to the College about the war effort.  

Beaver Ave    Bellefonte RR

Beaver Ave - Bellefonte Train

The Bellefonte Train image was also created by J.L. Minick. Originally photographed as a black and white from somewhere near current day Burroughs Road (near the Beta House). The viewer is looking towards College Avenue. The building behind the train is the old power station of the Penn State College and behind that the (original) Main Engineering Building. The train had just come in from Bellefonte traveling West. If a person walks behind the current day Engineering Buildings, they could see where the original trains came in.
The image was probably produced circa 1895. If the viewer looks directly behind the engine's steam, the original train station on College Avenue can be seen. This would be across the street from present day Frazer Street and the "Ye Old College Diner.".