Jersey Shore

In my quest to capture highlights of different popular locations, I am starting a series from the Jersey Shore, since I have been going there since I was a child, specifically Ocean City, NJ.

Jersey Shore

Bob's Grill, located at 1368 Boardwalk (or 14th and the beach) owes it's reputation as a long standing eatery that shows off the city through historical images of lifeguards and locations throughout the years. Regular vistors to Ocean City have been to Bob's, without a doubt.

Looking down the boardwalk to your left beyond the American Flag is the Flanders Hotel (an Ocean City landmark operating since 1923). To the right, (which looks like it is the far end) is the Music Pier, which has been housing summer concerts since 1929. The Pier, located on the Boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace(another Ocean City Landmark) extends 300 feet from the beach. If you look far enough, two large ferris wheels are clearly visible. Ocean City NJ is still a favorite family oriented vacation spot for thousands.

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