Life on the Farm

Pennsylvanians sometimes do not realize the simple beauty of life outside the cities or the suburbs, which abounds in beautiful farmland, country homes and interesting shopping.

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  life on the farm

Leading Lines

There is something about this farm that keeps "drawing me back". The obvious beautiful view changes almost daily and certainly monthly until we reach December. The harvest is over and the farm, grasses and trees are winterizing. Another nice part of this scene is the natural "leading lines" of the road and telephone line that direct the viewer to the "point of focus" and the surroundings (they just draw you in).


Rural Pennsylvania

Belleville Hilltop Farm

On Monday in Belleville, Pa, it is wash day. This was Monday, November 4, 2013, and if you look closely you will see the wash hanging. This is a prosperous Amish corn farm with high production. They also make bird houses and sell them (some of the best I have ever seen). Anyway, I have been trying to photograph this for some time, and when I saw the wash, I made my move on a beautiful autumn afternoon.


Rural Pennsylvania

Early November Farm

At the end of the growing and harvest season the corn stalks are a weave of green and dirty beige. If you "catch" the birds, a beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds all the better. The birds nest in the silos and if startled, they all fly off and then slowly return


Rural Pennsylvania

Black and White Farm

Sometimes black and white photographs emote different feelings and this wood barn and home on the top of a hill is a good example. The wood structure against the overcast sky and snow offers simplicity and beauty to my eyes. As I watch the farmer toil all spring, summer and fall, I often wonder if he knows the important roll he plays in this society; he is an artist providing me with a palette along with the corn he produces. 



Rural Pennsylvania

Belleville Farm at Peachy's

The Peachy family must own all of Belleville because I see their name everywhere. They own most of the real estate, restaurants, etc. When I first went to Peachy's restaurant, I entered from the main road in front of the farm in the background. That first day all the cows were in the field grazing, and I said to myself "I better take that picture" because it was a double bonus, with the blue sky. I then said to myself "I will get it the next time", the worst words you can ever say to yourself (because the next time never comes). This is the result (two years later), from a hilltop, with the mountains in the background.


 Rural Pennsylvania

Light Through the Barn

I was finishing photographing the BARN ON THE HILL and noticed this side of a barn with only one window and the light shining through. It was a natural and unusual scene. The light is the "point of focus" and the vertical barn wood is the surrounding scene. Notice the large tree on the left edge. This would look beautiful on a wall in the right room.




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